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MaxiTRANS relationship with Linear Metal Polishing goes back to 1994. It was then the MaxiCUBE
General Manager at the time thought it would be a novel idea to present a refrigerated van with
polished aluminium top and bottom rails at the upcoming Brisbane Truck Show.
Given the length of these rails it was not as simple as engaging the service of a general metal polisher, it
had to be someone with capacity to handle long length material, but then also capable of delivering a
uniform polished finish across the entire length of the extrusions.
After much searching Linear Metal Polishing was identified as the potential supplier to fulfil MaxiTRANS
needs, and as Linear were already involved in polishing other smaller components for the transport
industry they were best placed to understand the industry requirements.
Moving forward to today and MaxiTRANS relationship with Linear Metal Polishing has never been
stronger. The evolution of polished extrusions and components on transport equipment has now
become the norm, and Linear Metal Polishing have evolved their equipment, processes and capability to
fulfil the industry needs. Add to this Linear Metal Polishing’s willingness to take on other value add
opportunities for their customers and it present them as the go to supplier of polished products for the
broader transport industry.

Anthony Long

Procurement Manager Group – Direct | MaxiTRANS Australia Pty Ltd

I took a very old and tarnished helmet to Linear for cleaning and polishing. Knowing this would be mammoth job, there was no way I would attempt to clean it myself. I certainly did not expect the end result to be so amazing. I was totally blown away when I picked it up. Linear are true professionals every step of the way. Chas, Jon and the team, thank you so very much.

I have been dealing with Linear Metal Polishing for over 20 years now through various different roles and companies. We can always rely on them for consistent quality of the truck extrusion polishing and nothing ever appears to be too much for them. Deadlines are always met or exceeded which makes my job much easier.

Robert Herrington

I have been dealing with the team at Linear Metal Polishing for an extended period of time and they always come up with solutions that are cost effective and the quality of polishing is outstanding.

Brad Ryan

Victorian Sales Manager

We have engaged Linear Metal Polishing to do our polishing of aluminum transport extrusions for almost 20 years with great results in quality, service and price.

They are always available to quote new work and have remained competitive against imports due to their quick turnaround time, high quality finish, and being local to the hub of transport manufacturing in Victoria. Nothing ever appears difficult.

Linear Metal Polishing are more than a service provider, they are a vital partner within our supply chain to help deliver great service and products to our customers.

Matthew Griffiths

We use Linear Metal Polishing for our polishing requirements and find their quality, turnaround times and overall reliability exceptional.

Scott Nadorp


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